Restore Christmas Trading Hours




Its that time of year again where we relax, celebrate and spend time with family and friends.

Restore will be closed for the public holidays however individual practitioner holidays will vary.


Amanda will be away from 30th December until the 15th January

Vanessa will be away from 9th December until the 11th January 

Alexia will be away from 18th December until the 6th January


Tom will be away from the 25th December until the 8th January

Kate will only be away on the Public Holidays


Alex will be away from 29th December until the 17th January

Nathalie will only be away on the Public Holidays.

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Osteopathy is the Fastest Growing Health Profession in Australia

Did you realise that Osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in Australia according to the PHIAC?  The Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC) is an independent Government organisation that oversees and regulates the private health insurance industry. It gathers information based on where people are making claims on their health insurance.

The number of people choosing to visit an osteopath has increased by 48% in the past 2 years, as new clinics are opening and more people are discovering the relative benefits of osteopathy. As a comparison, other manual practitioners such as chiropractic and physiotherapy increased by only 7% and 11% respectively during this time period (source: PHIAC 2012). 

 The statistics become more interesting the further you look into them over a longer period of time. Osteopathic treatments have increased 270% since 2005 , further evidence of its rapidly growing popularity. Compare this to other health professions and you can see the difference is quite significant. (Source: PHAIC June 2012)

What we continue to see at Restore is that patients ar discovering that osteopathy treats many different issues such as reflux in pregnancy, chronic jaw pain, achilles tendonitis and breathing dysfunction to name a few.  There was a common misconception in the past was that our role was isolated to neck and back pain.  In other words people are expanding the applications of their osteopath in their health care as they become better educated about what it is that we do.  If you have yet to discover why osteopaths are the fastest growing health service, make an appointment with one of our osteopaths today.



OPENING THIS NOVEMBER – Restore Health & Wellness Newport



Due to popular demand we are now opening another Restore Health & Wellness – this time on the Northern Beaches.

Restore Health & Wellness Newport opens on 29th November, just in time for summer!

Osteopathy.  Acupuncture. Massage.

Open 6 days per week.


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Now at Restore: Hot Stone and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

woman giving back massage to a girl

We have two wonderful new forms of massage now available at Restore.  Here is a little bit about each one, but if you have any questions don’t forget its best to call us if you are unsure whether something would be suitable for you. 

Hot Stone Massage

Enhance your remedial massage by adding hot stones. In this treatment, heated basalt stones are used to massage the body in long sweeping strokes inspired by Hawaiian lomi lomi in combination with remedial techniques in areas most needed. The stones provide deep heat which increases blood flow to the tissues and promote a deeper release more easily. The heat from the stones create a wonderful sense of relaxation which may help relieve stress, insomnia and chronic pain. It is a great nurturing treatment and is beneficial at any time of the year.  Hot stone massage in not suitable during pregnancy and in conditions involving loss of sensation in limbs or skin irritations.

Lymphatic drainage

A light relaxing treatment done in a specific sequence which aims at returning excess lymph and toxins which have accumulated in tissues back into circulation to be eliminated. If you suffer from oedema, whether it is chronic such as with lymphoedema or results from injury or surgery, manual lymphatic drainage may help reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and speed up recovery.  It can assist in detoxifying the body and getting over infections like colds, sinus congestion and associated headaches when you can’t seem to shake them off. A great way to improve sluggishness brought on by improper diet or lack of activity and illness and to boost your immune system.  It may also help with joint pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and give dull or acne prone skin a glow over time by removing toxins below the skin.

Available on Thursdays and Saturdays at Restore.


Melbourne Is the Allergy Capitol of the World



I recently read a fascinating article in The Age about the fact that Melbourne has the highest rate of allergy sufferers in the world.  Thats right, the entire world!  Keeping in mind that Melbourne has recently been voted the best city in the world to live in, the questions of course is why they would be the world centre for allergies?  

Possibilities discussed at a recent world symposium of immunologists included the limitation of exposure to allergens at a young age in this country.  Our parents appear to be more likely to try to protect their children rather than risk a reaction, resulting in avoidance of contact with triggers such as peanuts.  In fact, it has been shown that children exposed to low doses of allergens have a greatly reduced change of allergies later in life.

The other likely factor is the low levels of vitamin D which as often found in allergy sufferers.  Apparently we are one of the only developed countries not to add vitamin D to our milk.  To read this interesting article click here


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