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“The physician who knows how to harmonize the liver knows how to treat the hundred diseases.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb.

We all tend to over-indulge during the festive season as summertime usually involves catching up with friends and family.  Social events commonly result in overeating, excessive sugar and processed food and high alcohol consumption.  This puts our liver under enormous strain, trying to clean the body and detox nasties from the blood.

Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body.  It helps to purify the blood by removing toxins such as alcohol and drugs from the body.  It also helps to regulate hormone levels, which effect everything from sleep to mood, metabolism, reproduction and immunity.  When it is compromised it is impossible to have a properly working metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, clean blood and strong digestion.

So perhaps it is time to give your liver a rest by cutting the alcohol and nasties.  And it is also time to give it some love and care with Chinese and Japanese acupuncture.   Acupuncture gently assists the liver to detox, allowing your body to restore healthy function and recover a sense of balance and wellness.

Restore has acupuncturists available 6 days per week including early and late appointments so stop making excuses and start taking care of the most important organ in your body today!