A Night With The Resilience Project

I was very fortunate last night to attend a lecture by the team from the Resilience Project.  The Resilience Project was formed to help combat the rise in mental health disorders in Australian society. They provide evidence based, practical strategies to help build resilience – or the ability to weather lifes’ inevitable challenges.  They do this through emotionally engaging programs at schools and workplaces and lectures such as the one last night at the Seymour Centre.

Through the daily practice of feeling gratitude, showing empathy to others, and practicing mindfulness, research has shown that depression and anxiety are significantly reduced.  Other important factors are a healthy diet (particularly one low in sugar), regular exercise and reducing use of devices.  By taking small, daily steps to care for our mental health as much as our physical health we can assist our own mental resilience, and set a good example for our children.

I found the talk of great benefit as it is very important for Restores health practitioners to look after their own welfare in order to be at our best to care for our patients each day.  If you think that your community, workplace or school would benefit from listening to a talk by the Resistance Project, just go to their website click here and find out more about what they do.  For more information on building resilience in children you can go to the Beyond Blue website page about this issue here.

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